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Visitor Safety Guide


Our Company Policy, Rules, and Guidelines for all Visitors and Guests



We hope that your visit to Midwest Fabricators Ltd. will be enjoyable and interesting. In order to ensure your health and safety, and the health and safety of our employees, please read the information herein carefully and comply with the instructions given. 

The following policy has been implemented for the safety of our visitors.

Visitor Safety Policy


  • All visitors will be escorted by an employee of Midwest Fabricators Ltd. while on the premises.

  • All machinery, devices, and equipment will be operated exclusively by a qualified employee of Midwest Fabricators Ltd. unless otherwise authorized.

  • For the safety of our workers, please refrain from any distractions while they are operating machines, devices or equipment.

  • All visitors and employees of Midwest Fabricators Ltd. are required to conduct themselves in a safe manner while on the premises.

  • Report all problems or injuries immediately to your escort, no matter how manner they may seem.

Signing In

All visitors of Midwest Fabricators Ltd. must report to the reception desk and sign the visitor log upon arrival. By signing in, you are agreeing to abide by our Visitor Safety Policy.

Signing Out

All visitors must leave through the reception area in which they entered and sign themselves out.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

All visitors must wear personal protective equipment when and where required at all times while visiting:

  • CSA-approved safety glasses - supplied

  • Hearing protection - supplied

  • Steel-toed footwear in many areas - not supplied

Your Questions or Comments


If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please ask your company representative or contact Midwest Fabricators Ltd. at


Our Muster Point is in the yard behind the building. It is identified by a bright yellow and red sign by the gate entering our yard. You will be expected to follow the instructions of your escort to the Muster Point so that roll call can be completed.


You must stay at the Muster Point until you are advised by your escort that it is safe to leave.

Fire extinguisher locations are marked with red and yellow signs on the wall above each fire extinguisher.


First Aid stations are marked with a green cross sign above and on each First Aid kit. A list of qualified first aid attendants is posted on each kit.

No smoking sign to indicate that Midwest Fabricators Ltd. is a smoke free facility.


PLEASE NOTE: Our facility handles gases, liquids, and products under extremely high or extremely low pressures and temperatures.

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